Managerial Accounting Fundamentals Website

Accounting 202

Professor Phillip W. Gillet, Jr., J.D.

Fall 2000

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Important Information


Welcome to the Managerial Accounting Fundamentals Class Web Site!

This web site provides updated information about the course.  It also contains links to many managerial accounting web sites.  You may want to clink the refresh button on your web browser to make sure you are looking at the most current version of this site. 

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Important Announcements

This section will contain up-to-date notices and information about the course such as assignment changes, class cancellations, special assignments, etc.  Check this section every few days, as it will be updated often.

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A html copy of the syllabus for this course is available by clicking here.  Direct links to the individual parts of the syllabus are listed below:

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Chapter Outlines

A copy of the outlines for the chapters covered in class is available by clicking on the links below.  All information in the outlines is based on Managerial Accounting (4th ed. 1999) by Ronald W. Hilton unless stated otherwise. Direct links to the individual chapters are listed below:

Past Examinations

A copy of the chapter examinations is available by clicking on the hyperlinks below: 

Spring 2000:

Fall 2000



Links to Managerial Accounting Web Sites

1.  The Institute of Management Accountant's web page is an excellent source for management accounting information.

2.  The American Association of Certified Public Accountants' (AICPA) is a good source for general accounting information.

3.  Money Magazine often has stories relating to accounting and finance.  It is a good general financial source.

4.  The CPA Journal is the flagship publication of the New York CPA Society.  It has a good archived section of all past magazines.  All for free!

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Questions and Answers

This section will contain questions, with names omitted, posed by students during the course of the semester, and answers will be posted by the instructor.  Simply click on the link to post a message:   

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Copyright 2000, Phillip W. Gillet, Jr. All Rights Reserved.

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