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To: Accounting 202 Students

From: [Social Security Number]

Subject: Problem 5-43 Memorandum

Date: February 24, 2000

Format: This memorandum should be typed in 12 point font (Aerial, Courier, or Times Roman). It should be double spaced with 1" margins.

Grading: The grades will be weighted as follow: 50% grammar, spelling and writing; and 50% content in answering the question. It is expected that you will turn in a polished well-written memorandum. Poorly written memoranda will be penalized heavily.

Writing: Any sources that you use (including your textbook) should be cited properly according to MLA style. The tone of your memorandum should be tailored to the intended recipient. A memorandum does not have a closing line (i.e. Sincerely yours, Thank you, etc.). It is supposed to be initialed next to your name on the "From" line.

Content: You may want to address the following in responding to the question.

accurate information and how this information will be used.

new product costs.

Length: 1-2 pages. 2 pages maximum. Be short, concise and specific. It is not necessary to write 2 pages to get a high score; just use the amount of space necessary to completely answer the question.

DUE DATE: OCTOBER 12, 2000 by beginning of class

PLEASE NOTE: DO ONLY 5-43, part 4. (Do not do part 1-4 as the syllabus says).  You will need to do parts 1-3 only to the extent that they are necessary to write the memorandum.

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